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As seen on ITV show Broadchurch!

Broadchurch Eype is one of the Jurassic Coast locations that has been featured on recent ITV detective show Broadchurch.

The fictitious village Broadchurch was filmed around West Bay and Eype with much of the scenery featuring cliffs and beaches accessible from Clematis Cottage.

The series was penned by Doctor Who and Torchwood writer Chris Chibnall and features a star studded cast including David Tennant, Olivia Colman and Jodie Whittaker. Broadchurch is a love letter to the scenery of the Jurassic Coast” says Chris Chibnall, “which uses key West Dorset landmarks as part of its story.  The landscape informs the drama: the cliffs, the sea, the beach are all key elements of the story”.

Actress Jodie Whittaker talked highly about her time filming in Dorset “I think this part of the country is beautiful, and the Jurassic coastline is absolutely perfect.  As the writer, Chris Chibnall, lives here, the epic-ness of that really serves the piece”.

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